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I am new to RapidWeaver and I want to trial a site using DropPages and Dropbox before paying for web hosting. DropPages has created a folder with 3 subfolders (Content with a subfolder called Pages, Public with a subfolder called Resources, and Templates) and I need to populate the subfolders with the correct files from my RapidWeaver site. Using Show Package Contents the RapidWeaver file reveals 4 folders (DefaultPageAttributes, Pages, Resources, and SharedPluginData). Can anybody please tell me which files go where in the DropPages folder?

I don’t think RW is to be used here. Here is a link to Getting Started with DropPages.

Thanks - I think you are right. I will look for an alternative option to test my simple draft web page.

MAMP - (free)

Thanks Dave. Never heard of this before but sounds just the thing I need.

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