Publishing with Release Version

Just an FYI. I was trying to publish with the release version today and I had to re-select my folder from the publishing settings. The path looks like it was before I had issues with this previously.

I just wanted to let you know in case others that had beta tested have similar issues.

did the bundle id or the defaults dictionary change between the beta and release?

cc: @simon

Hm, this is weird - the publishing settings are (except for passwords) stored inside the document itself, so it shouldn’t matter which version of RapidWeaver is being used.

@joeworkman could you provide a more concrete example? Could you send a project file over to Dan for us to look at please?

@isaiah nope, shouldn’t have. Are you seeing any unexpected behaviour?

Fwiw, we have found that if you edit or remove any of the files (especially preference plists) inside the sandbox container (except for your Addons Folder) OS X will get itself into a state where it won’t save any preferences until you reboot. This was also the case with RW6.

I haven’t noticed anything. It was just speculation based on Joe’s comment. And I wanted to verify.

This is the only project file that I actually publish to a server with. If you recall a few weeks ago when I was having issues with the publishing…

Its was basically the opposite now. I had to click on the browse button again and the setting went from being…


to being…