Quastion about Cart 2

(Linda Nicholls) #1

In the product description details," Take address information for postal / billing info" is mentioned. Is it possible to add additional fields to the form for an Astrology site where birthdate, birthplace, etc. are required?

(Michael Frankland) #2

At the moment no…

So I would suggest:

  1. Follow up manually by email
  2. redirect to a thank you page “thank you for your order. Let’s take some more details: birthdate, birthplace…” etc. On this page is a standard RW form with those questions
  3. Opposite. Ask those questions on page 1 of checkout then upon completing that form redirect them to the “checkout page” with the credit card / PayPal links

hope that helps!

(Linda Nicholls) #3

Thanks MIchael. #3 might work . I’ll give it a shot.

(system) #4

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