Question about Cruftless Links

I’d like to enable cruftless links.

Before I do so, I’d like to change the names of the pages to descriptive titles, as they are now labeled generically, IE page01, page02 etc.

Will I break anything by doing so? Just want to make sure before doing so.

If your site is live, the original-named files will remain on your web server. You could reset your webspace (but bear in mind that any links would break from external sites when the old pages go away) and use the File menu -> Re-Publish All Files once you’ve renamed the folders that the pages are in.


Ok thanks for your quick response. My site is live. I understand that links will be broken.

A related question, is there any tool/plugin to redirect any subdomain to the homepage? So that visitors to previous subdomains don’t get 404 errors? My site has a lot of subdomains so it would be difficult to do them individually.

You may find that your host has some settings that allow you to configure redirects from subdomains. (Dreamhost, who I host with, do - but your mileage may vary).

Ok thanks very much, I will check with my host (