Question about databases

I have installed a database, two or three years ago, in order to use Armadillo, but I finally didn’t use it, although it was working. My knowledge on this matter is limited, so I don’t even remember how I did it, I just followed instructions.

Now I would like to know if this database I’m not using should be erased, or if I can use it with another application?
I’m thinking about using Sendy, so do I need to install a fresh database?

The Armadillo database is purely for use with Armadillo. You’ll need to follow Sendy’s instructions to set up whatever back end stuff it needs.


Usually the database is set up using Cpanel via your hosting account. You can also delete it there.

Thanks Rob, so I guess it would be better to name a database after the name of the application that uses it. Is it possible to rename a database?

Thanks Scott!
I know where it is on my hosting account, not sure it is called Cpanel though.

I guess that the one database called “installer” shouldn’t be erased, right?

You need to be careful - your host could limit the number of databases you have. So if you keep adding new databases you’ll reach your limit quickly.

You don’t really need to delete a database for another one to use it. Its not really the database that matters. Data is saved in Tables in the database. I have one database called LMD_data.

I use Armadillo and I use the same database for it that I also use for our Order Forms, Quote Forms, etc. Armadillo just saves its Tables in the same database and only access the Tables it needs. My Order Form uses its own Tables in the database, etc.

Armadillo doesn’t need a dedicated database for itself. It just wants to know the name of the database you want it to use and it will save its tables in that database.

Not sure about Sendy, but I would say it is the same way.

OK thanks for the info Paul!

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