Question about Foundation vs. Bootsnap3

I’ve been using Bootsnap3 and customizing my own responsive environment for the last 6 months on my sites. I’m thinking about buying all the add ons for $74.95 from Yabdad ( However, I came across Foundation yesterday and decided to purchased it instead. Is is basically the same type of product? So far with Foundation, I’m kind of confused and not clear about how to proceed. I watched the 1st tutorial video and his explanations were confusing to me.

Surely the question here is RapidWeaver specific. Foundation for RapidWeaver undoubtedly has more component stacks available, plus 3rd party ones (although I obviously have to declare an interest in that respect) and is much more frequently updated and enhanced.

In terms of forum/community support, Foundation for RapidWeaver has a large and vibrant community over on G+ with hundreds of collaborating users always willing to help each other.

Beyond that, the debates about Bootstrap vs Foundation out in the wild have relatively little to do with the RapidWeaver environment as both products are stacks based and primarily designed to hide the framework complexities from the user and provide a simple drag and drop environment.

Have you looked at the demo project that you can download here. It probably the best place to start.

I would also suggest watching these YouTube videos
Getting Started with Foundation #1
Getting Started with Foundation #2
Getting Started with Foundation #3

As some of the other videos are a little out dated, these are the most recent ones.

@helpguy As Rob pointed out, the best place to start is with the new Getting Started videos that I just shot a few weeks ago. Here are some more links. Don’t worry yourself about the comments on the framework wars. Foundation is rock solid and isn’t going anywhere. You made a good choice!

Yes, this applies to me. I work in Rapidweaver only and use Stacks. And I’m confused as to why it’s called “Bootsnap3” by Yabdad. Is Bootstrap the generic framework and Bootsnap Yabdad’s version of the stack? I’ll keep plugging away at Foundation by Joe Workman and hopefully it will help me in the long run. I’m hoping the $100 investment will pay off. The site I’m working on is below

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