Question: Are you ready for the RW7 Launch?

Hey guys,

Have you all been testing your themes, stacks, and plugins with the latest RW7 builds?

Are you ready if we launch later this month? A simple “yay” or “nay” at the least would be good. More details appreciated :wink:

As soon as we have a fixed date I’ll let you know.


Are you ready?

I personally haven’t run into any problems or conflicts with my themes. Still rolling out the PLIST updates to add the RWThemeIsResponsive key to responsive themes. Trying to do it slow enough as to not inundate users with a bunch of emails all at once.

Going to be recording videos for the Voyager Pro theme soon. That and a newsletter and some cleanup work on the product page and I think that will be ready to go as well for launch.

I’m not, no where near it but I never am.
Don’t let me get int he way, I will play catch up.

That will be tight for me to get all my fixes out for the CORS issues. I just figured out the work around this week…

No but I’m like Gary regarding RW updates. Will catch up with my theme and stack updates after it gets released.

On a separate note, will developers who do not have paid subscriptions have to purchase the RW7 update?


Love it :heart:

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Where do we get the latest RW7 beta build to test with?


I guess here, and use the inbuilt update function:

Thanks for the link but looks like I need to buy an activation number to use the downloaded RW7 version from that link.

Oh well. Was worth a shot. Guess I will wait until it gets released. I thought there would be a developer beta version to test with but guess I missed seeing it somewhere.


Just press cancel on the activation screen…

Hey all, (cc @blueballdesign),

We want to make sure everyone is ready for the RW7 launch. We don’t want third party devs updating stuff post launch. Everything needs to work day one.

We want to make this the smoothest possible experience for our customers (and yours) and that means every getting everything ready for the RW7 launch. This is why we’ve been giving you guys early access for the last 3-6 months.

We offered devs a serial number before (not sure when), but anyway, If you need a serial just drop us an email and we’ll generate one for you.

Remeber if you need anything, you can email me anytime about anything:





Well, that’s impossible.
With the automatic migration of all addons from RW6 to RW7 how can you be sure all is ready for the new release?
What about dismissed addons (like recent PlusKit news, for example).

I think that a new property in PLIST file that indicates if a addon is RW7-ready would be useful.
You can’t install (or install at your own risk) old addons.

We are working to make all our major plugins compatible with RW7, but I think that we won’t test the ones we want to dismiss.
How can you prevent a user from installing it?

If you’re dropping products, you’ll need to communicate this. We’ve deliberately minimised changes that might affect existing plugin compatibility (and kept the same plugin extension etc) to help improve things this time around.

The reality of a “RW7-ready” PLIST key is this: the people who would benefit from this (i.e. the people running old plugins) are the least likely to update their stuff. If we only loaded RW7-compatible stuff (like we did with RW6 w/new plugin extension), there will be things that appear to not work because plugins aren’t up to date.

In short: fix your plugins for 7.0 ;), communicate your plans to customers, and we’ll make sure that we’re proactively in checking for plugin updates when migrating. If something critical comes up during beta testing (as it has with Sitemap Plus), we can blacklist the plugin or at least blacklist older versions from being loaded.

I should point out that we haven’t blacklisted Sitemap Plus currently, because there’s some things going on in the background that need to resolve themselves before we take any action.


Hi Nik,

Had multiple crashes when I just tried RW7 out. Guessing I am using an older version here maybe. When I check for updates though it says I am using the latest version. I am running 10.10.3 here. Is RW7 10.11 only by chance?


Make sure beta updates is enabled in the preferences:

Most are already working fine and have already had a compatibility release for RW7 this year. Ensuring the same for the new-to-me things are my focus for the rest of the month.


The new health-check api stuff is… scary. I’m not really sure how it’s supposed to work or what the intended behavior looks like.

I would be surprised if any of my plugins are able to use it in a way that’s useful to a customer. If you could provide more significant test-cases, UI, use-cases, or just brainstorming on what I’m supposed to do with it, it would really help a lot.

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Hi Dan and Nik,

Just sent in the “Something Went Wrong” report. Has crashed multiple times here. Hope that helps.


You would be prevented from launching RW7 (by OS X itself) if it didn’t support your version of OS X. I can’t reproduce your issue on 10.11, but will test on 10.10 when I’m back in the office tomorrow.