Quick Editor Stack & Foundry?

Quick Editor Stack from 1 little designer.

Is anyone using the combo? and does it work with Foundry 2?

Thanks Jon

Foundry v2 is an update to v1. Basically if a stack worked in version 1 it should work in version 2. As for this particular stack, I have not idea. Many stacks from third party devs work well with Foundry.

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Hi Steve…I’ve been using Foundry for a few years now, but was thinking of buying the Quick Editor Stack, so it was more about trying to find out if Foundry had its own way of doing things and therefore didn’t work well with the Editor, be it Foundry 1 or 2.

Cheers Jon

Just like to say a big thank YOU to Jonathan at 1 Little designer for the prompt response to my email.
Re his Editor Stack.Excellent support :+1:

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