Random Question: Reminders Alternative for Mac That Syncs?

I know, why am I asking here? It’s because this is a great community of long time mac users and there used to be a general mac and a Clear category. So, thought I’d try here.

I really like Apple reminders (simple/quick/easy). But I hate iCloud even more. Anyone know of a way to use/sync Reminders without iCloud or, anyone know of a clear replacement (since RMS doesn’t work on it any longer)?


@wphall It may be more power than you want but OmniFocus rocks! You can by it from OmniGroup directly (i.e. no need to buy through App Store). You can sync several ways including their free OmniSync. Best to-do app I’ve ever used. I’m really busy with several projects so it’s perfect for me. If your life is simpler then it may not be the best fit. Comes both Mac OS and iOS.

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Could also be a Dropbox folder with (markdown) files inside, which are synced through IAwriter or another editing app on macOS / iOS.

I am using my own private cloud Nextcloud and it syncs perfectly calendars, reminders and contacts via WebDAV. By the way it syncs files aswell and you can share them with others like with Dropbox without any Privacy Concerns because you are in control of everything.

Hi Everyone! Thanks for the attention.

I have general notes covered. I’m just looking for a way to easily create a reminder. I can quickly add, “Pickup your heroin from your dealer on way home to the family” and set it to remind me at 5:15. Done, set, on my way home, I’ll get a reminder to pickup my stash as I’m driving (strung out albeit so I’ll definitely need the reminder).

Interesting idea re: NextCloud. I’ll have to take a look at that. I knew about OwnCloud, but no NextCloud.


Ya, I’m having a look now. Pretty slick actually. Where/who do you host with?


I suggest the Due app. There’s both a Mac and iOS version. You can get both for around $15 total.

It takes about 10 seconds to set up a reminder. Sometimes less.

I can sync via iCloud or DropBox. I use iCloud and have never encountered a problem. Never.


Hmmm… This looks pretty good. This is they type of simple app I was looking for. I’ll have a look.


Bill: Another option might be Bear notes. Only on the Mac App Store. The pro (fully synced) version is $15 per year. Yep: subscription. I hate hate hate subscriptions but I’ll do it once in a long while for the right service (Vimeo Plus and a very small number of others). Bear notes is one of those few.

Very elegant, very easy. It’s Markdown friendly. So all notes are synced. It has a very nice To Do feature so you have basic To Dos along with other kinds of notes. Worth a look. It does use iCloud but the syncing is flawless and quick.

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Ya, know, that’s an interesting idea. Yes, I do agree, the subscription model is off, but I’m an “old time” computer user and maybe its just that this feels off because its change. And yes, I’m with you. If it’s worth it, great. As long as the developer keeps innovating. I’ve seen a lot of developers actually slow innovation/development down on subscriptions. Anyway, bla bla bla.

I’ll have another look at Bear. This might be a good solution and thanks!

Another vote for Bear here, it is not my go to Notes app!