Rapid Cart 3 - no cart header - Solved

(TC Carr) #1

Oy This has been 6 months+ and I am at my wits cliff.

OK; Here is the test site http://pvc-sn3.com/8test/
I have disabled the paypal but all else is the same as the main site.
As you can see there is no cart header after the main page. No matter if I rearrange the pages etc. No item is aver added to the cart and no other action takes place either.

I did a php test here http://pvc-sn3.com/7test/ and all works as expected.

Am I gona have to retype the whole site? What could possibly be wrong?


(Juerg) #2

The first link (8test) gives a “Not Found” message. Maybe you’ll give us a working link.

(TC Carr) #3

Actually I fixed it – maybe.

Me partner in crime is testing and will call me back.

I just deleted all the test folders/sites

I was the dang CSS that was fouling up the java.


(TC Carr) #4

And the new slider works too

(system) #5

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