Rapid Weaver Very Slow

Recently Rapid Weaver has become unbearably slow, wit the spinning beach ball appearing when I try to do any activity within the program. I searched this forum and did not find any solutions?

Can anyone help???

You might get more of a response if you post your RW version and any other details you have :slight_smile:

I assume you’ve tried restarting RW and your computer? You don’t have too many other programs opening that’s tying up your RAM?

Thanks for hint:

Using RW 7.2.2 with Yuzoolthemes (Box Stack)

Restarted, rebuilt permissions, have tons of RAM

Created a test site and I’m thinking it may be the ‘Box’ stack from Yuzool

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I suppose if everything is ok without the Stack, then that’s your answer and I’d reach out to @yuzool :slight_smile:


How big is your project @drrjv? You can send it to use also to take a look but we’ve not seen this issue with Box Stack before.

If you have lots of images on the page and a heavy RW project file size - it could be recommended to try the “Warehouse” option inside the Stack… :slight_smile:

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The project is about 106 MB

Here is the site: nancyvaripapa.com

I created a small website without Box and it seemed to work fine.
I then created a new site with Box and it again slowed down considerably (not to the extent of the nancyvaripapa.com site.)