Rapidcart confimation email

Were can i find a list of used Rapidcart pro fieldnames??

When a customer has completed the order, a confirmation-email is send to the customer and to myself.
It would be very handy when the confirmation email subject also displays the customername and ordernumber.
Now the subject is only showing the ordernumber. They used %ORDER_ID% to create this.

I can’t figure out how to add the customername to it.
Someone an idea??

All this can be set in the “Customization / Localization” tab. At that tab i can see the “%ORDER_ID%”
Were to find the other field possibilties?

I don’t know where a full list would be, but in the manual (at this link), it looks like %CUSTOMER_NAME% is a field, which you could use.

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Thanks for your answer. I tried this one, the fieldname you suggested didn’t function and was not replaced by the real customer name.

Nice try, thanks sofar. It looked like this one was the needed field, but ist not the correct syntax.