RapidCart... how to fix a problem "Fatal error: Class 'RCUtilities' not found.... "

(giacomo) #1

I have RapidCart, I republish everything but this error just show up.
how to fix a problem "Fatal error: Class ‘RCUtilities’ not found… "

Any idea how to fix?

click any links



(Neil Egginton) #2

I’m not sure if it’s related, but you have quite a lot of insecure (http) content loading on to a secure (https) page. You have mixed content (http+https) warnings on that page.

(giacomo) #3

I will take a look, but I think are links and is not related to the problem.

(Roberto Tremonti) #4

My guess is you’ve upgraded to RW8 and set “File Links Are:” Relative to Website Address in RapidWeaver Advanced project settings. Change it to default Relative to Page and republish.

(giacomo) #5

Thanks! worked.
Grazie mille.

(Roberto Tremonti) #6

Feel free to leave a review or like it on Realmac Software Community website.
It’s crucial and will encourage us creating even better products. :wink:

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