RapidCart Pro 4 and tags (with colors)


How to add tags and color on these tags (like Promoted)? For example, you need to make a tag “New” and the background to light green, or tag “Sale” tag and the color light red. “Promoted” the background is light blue on the main page, it is necessary to do similar for others.

If you have a link to your page, we can try to help with the CSS for particular buttons.


No, the website is currently only in the stage of creation. But what is the difficult thing to tell? the Preview in the program works :wink:

Well, point one… it’s obviously difficult for you since you don’t know how to do it.

Point two… The difficult thing to tell is that we cannot read minds. Therefore, when someone asks for more information, there is reasoning behind that.

To sum up… screenshots and published pages are helpful. As Jerry McGuire said, “Help us help YOU” :slight_smile:


I mean, to change the color of the uk-panel-box and the icon (inscription) of the tag. The “Promoted” has the color of the Uk-panel-box blue and the inscription in the upper right corner of the “Promoted”. It would be convenient, if there will be an opportunity to add tags “New” or “Discount”, and that the color of the cell (uk-panel-box) also changes.


In general, what I asked is more to the developers of the plugin, as it should be done at the level of the plugin itself, that is, in the settings, when adding the product. In order to add “New” and “Discount” (or Sale), in addition to “Promoted”, with the corresponding tags and the color of the cell.

Probably, it is.

Many people ask about the Personal Area (private office or personal account), but it’s not there. Also it is not clear why in the properties of the goods indicate its weight, if it is not shown anywhere.

Hi Steve, I am trying, among other things, to have the text in the items description bigger, but the UiKit overrides my theme preferences.
I don’t have the skills to find the line of CSS to do that.

Could you kindly point me to a CSS line that controls the item description Font Size?
I will start learning CSS, it is about time

EDIT: I solved using styled text in the product description. It was very simple :slight_smile:


This is a product page of my store http://www.controlucestore.it/index.php?product/page/14/Nello

thanks I’ll look into this I’m sure it will be useful