Rapidcart Pro and Stacks

Hello Everyone…hoping you can help…
I have just bought Rapidcart Pro and am trying to use it with Stacks. My understanding was that Stacks ‘comes with’ Rapidcart Pro…am I wrong?

As I use Stacks it keeps prompting me to register / buy it. I’ve no problem with this, but clearly don’t wish to pay twice if necessary!

RCP comes with some stacks, not the Stacks plugin itself.

What exactly is prompting you to register or buy?

Maybe a screenshot of the prompt you’re getting?

Thank you for your reply Doug…I’m new at this, so please bear with me…!
Screenshot attached…not sure if that helps? The prompt is when I start adding pictures to my product section and generally adding more things


Ive just reread your reply Doug…it looks like I need to buy the plugin itself(?)…I’ve only paid for Rapidcart Pro, I want to use stacks in order to lay out different shopping pages.

Yeah need the stacks plugin to use any addon stacks.

@jerry This is already addressed by @teefers. Think of it this way: Stacks is the price you pay to enter the wonderful playground (e.g. Disneyland). Individual stacks products are what you pay for each ride. So oddly enough you’ve paid for a ride, but you aren’t in the theme park yet! It can be confusing at first but Stacks comes first, all other goodies second.


thank you!

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