Rapidcart Pro listing description content based on listed price... PHP?

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I realise this is a biggie, and most likely not possible, but I want to explore it, just in case the clever people here can make it happen :slight_smile:

Click here: http://www.peakebikes.co.uk/store/?product/page/3557/Raleigh++STRADA

You see that red outline button with the text “Get This Bike For Only £***.** Per Month”?

I’ve added that button to each product listing by adding the following to the product description…

Get This Bike For Only £***.** Per Month. Click For Details

Now the hard bit…

I want the £***.** to be a number that is calculated based on the selling price of the item version one price, and inserted into button text, automatically.

I have no idea how on earth this can be done, as RCP uses PHp to do it’s thing, I’m guessing there is an outside chance this can be achieve using PHP, or something! Reallly, I don’t know, but I know there are people here who know if A. It’s doable. And if it is, B. how to do it.


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