RapidCart Pro problem

Thanks for the response. I published the site to www.maxfrankmusic.com, but it did not work. I was always directed to the files uploaded to maxfrankmusic.com.

When I removed the maxfrankmusic.com files from the server, and typed www.maxfrankmusic.com as the url, i was directed to a 404 page, even though I had uploaded my files to www.maxfrankmusic.com. All traffic goes to maxfrankmusic.com, and I had removed it.

I spoke with my ISP provider. They told me that the folder www.maxfrankmusic.com, that RW created when I published, is a subdomain of maxfrankmusic.com. Publishing to www.maxfrankmusic.com will always show maxfrankmusic.com. All they could do was to direct any traffic for www.maxfrankmusic.com to maxfrankmusic.com, which they did

But it still does not work.