Rapidcart Storestack and custom pages

(john) #1

At the moment i’m having a full working Rapidcart store on my website. i’ve created all custom productpages myself because i don’t like the orginal Rapidcart storefront. Everything is working fine exept this :

when customers view the cart after putting some products in it, and then delete the cart-contents they go “back” to the store-front from Rapidcart itself and that is NOT what i wanted because my store is complete designed to my site-look.

How can i get back to my original homepage without the Rapidcart Storefront???


If you for example click on the blue Cart button and have zero products in it and then press “terug” (means back) you will be directed to my Storestack (that is needed to function at all) AND that’s not what i want. I wanted to redirected to my Homepage.

How to?