Rapidcartpro; option to bypass the Product Box and just add specific Buy Buttons on Stacks page?

(kim) #1

Is there an option to bypass the Product Box and only add specific Buy Buttons on Stacks page??

I would like to have customers choose buy now, instead of look at more info.

(Nick Cates) #2

Cartloom (https://cartloom.com) has this exact feature for RapidWeaver. Once you create a product in Cartloom, you then have an option to drag and drop a “Buy Now” (or Add to Cart) button into your designed RapidWeaver Stacks page. You can freely explore this - and countless more features, with a free Cartloom PLAY account :slightly_smiling_face:

(kim) #3

Thank you!
Last I saw Cartloom did not have the options available I need for our items.
We have 25 colors, and 2 nail sizes.
Some crosses have 3 colors…

(Nick Cates) #4

We have product options and spin offs, one of those should accomdate your nail color and sizes.

(Nick Cates) #5

Here’s an exmaple of what using Product Options in our admin can do. In the attacted image below, I’m creating form (radio) color options, and (select) size options.

(Roberto Tremonti) #6

@kim Just use RapidCart Pro Product stack.
The “Version” stack type displayed the Add to Cart button.

RapidCart Pro doesn’t require a monthly fee, like the alternative above… :smirk:

(kim) #7

@rob Love it!
Yeah, and I thought I had to pay monthly for the Paypal business acct.
Thanks for directing me Rob!
I don’t want a monthly fee…

(system) #8

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