Rapidcartpro; option to bypass the Product Box and just add specific Buy Buttons on Stacks page?

Is there an option to bypass the Product Box and only add specific Buy Buttons on Stacks page??

I would like to have customers choose buy now, instead of look at more info.

Cartloom (https://cartloom.com) has this exact feature for RapidWeaver. Once you create a product in Cartloom, you then have an option to drag and drop a “Buy Now” (or Add to Cart) button into your designed RapidWeaver Stacks page. You can freely explore this - and countless more features, with a free Cartloom PLAY account :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thank you!
Last I saw Cartloom did not have the options available I need for our items.
We have 25 colors, and 2 nail sizes.
Some crosses have 3 colors…

We have product options and spin offs, one of those should accomdate your nail color and sizes.

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Here’s an exmaple of what using Product Options in our admin can do. In the attacted image below, I’m creating form (radio) color options, and (select) size options.

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@kim Just use RapidCart Pro Product stack.
The “Version” stack type displayed the Add to Cart button.

RapidCart Pro doesn’t require a monthly fee, like the alternative above… :smirk:


@rob Love it!
Yeah, and I thought I had to pay monthly for the Paypal business acct.
Thanks for directing me Rob!
I don’t want a monthly fee…

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