🐞 RapidWeaver 7.1 (18121b) Developer Beta 7

This new build fixes up a bunch more issues, including:

  • Fixed subpage data loss during migration to global plugin data storage
  • More minify fixes
  • Green and Blue RGBA values are no longer switched
  • RW no longer crashes when removing global meta tags

7.1 is now starting to shape up, please download this build and report any problems ASAP: https://dl.devmate.com/com.realmacsoftware.rapidweaver/18121b/1470670003/RapidWeaver-18121b.zip

Happy Weaving!

@dan - The issue where the sub-menu’s were not showing that were introduced in Version 7.1.0 (18110b) seem to have been fixed in Version 7.1.0 (18121b).

I tested on many projects with sub pages and they all seem to work just fine in this latest beta.

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A word of warning though, I was having issues easier with export and publish… If you get a chance can you test on your own projects and let us know how you get on.



@dan Is this version public?

We’ve had a few support emails, slack posts, and tweets about this…

I thought this was just devs – but it seems like it’s out on the interwebs too. I’m just not sure what advice to give folks.


“It accidentally slipped out, a bunch of people grabbed it, then we quickly pulled it, and that’s the truth your honour.”

Tell them to re-download 7.0.4 or wait for the official release of RW 7.1 later this month.

Sorry for the slip up :confused:


OK, that’s what I thought.

There were a cluster of them this morning – so I wasn’t sure if you had opened the beta up to a few more.


@dan - What I have experienced with this latest beta is that when I publish the entire project the publishing hangs and never really publishes. It just gets stuck in export mode.
But is I right click on a page from the left most sidebar (where all the pages are listed) and select “Publish Page” then it can publish the page (including sub-pages) as expected.