RapidWeaver 7.4 Stability?

Thanks, but as I mentioned, I have downgraded and, given what I have learned, will wait some time before upgrading beyond 7.3.3. I asked whether it always days for a response to emails or have I just been very unlucky? I genuinely would find it useful to know what sort of response can be expected. If I send an email and wait around for hours then that’s a complete waste of my time. If I know it’ll be several days for a response I can plan accordingly. I hope you can clarify what the response time parameters are. Likewise it’s not helpful to be told - ‘sorry we didn’t respond sooner, we were working on XYZ’. I’m glad you’re busy but that isn’t my focus in contacting you! Given the cleverness of you folks it surely is not beyond the bounds of possibility to make a system that responds with an estimated wait time or something that provides actual timely help.

Secondly, given what you say about the uncertainty with release reliability then a clear health warning would surely serve your interests as it would minimise the risks of customers running into problems and consequently losing confidence in your product. As it stands, there is an element of unwitting customer testing of the product with very negative consequences for those unlucky enough to encounter ‘crazy bugs’. When things go wrong communication is key. I offer this not primarily as complaint but in the hope of mutual understanding and a better experience for your customers. Best wishes.

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Hi David,

I know for our beta releases we caution users, but I don’t believe there’s a warning system setup for downloading minor releases. We always recommend keeping backups of your project files, as ANYTHING could happen - unfortunately, computers are complex and 1 line of binary off could mean disaster! :slight_smile:

For the support, we aim for 24-48 hours to reply - this has been longer before due to huge releases + massive influx of tickets. There was a period both @LaPan and I were sick, so that didn’t help.

Hi @1611mac thanks for the great tip! I didn’t know about that option and that will save a lot of time. :+1:

Yes - don’t know when this feature was added but it sure is a good one

It’s been there as long as I’ve known and I’ve used v5, 6, 7. Know that single page publishing is not like smart publishing. It publishes every resource again for that page. I for one like that and that is why I started using it years ago. I simply don’t want to depend on “smart publishing” working. I want to know css, images, etc. all all freshly uploaded. But then, that’s just me.

Since 7.4 I get this publishing problem at least once per edit session:

I go to publish, I get ‘Couldn’t sign in to your FTP server’, info says ‘Weird server reply’ - and there is no way out except to Force Quit.

Same for me. @LaPan is on it though so hopefully normal service will be restored soon :slight_smile:

me too … :disappointed_relieved:

@oldgustav @ChrisL @tappo can you try using the 7.4.1 beta? If this issue happens again, it’ll tell you to try a different FTP mode. We’ve seen this the most when it’s set to Passive - try Extended Passive, or as a last resort try Active.

Isn’t that the one @LaPan sent me by email? I’ve tried all the different modes and only extended passive does anything at all. This is very very infuriating!

I wouldn’t have thought so - we only prepared it this morning. Which host are you with?

Edit: @ChrisL if you’re running any beta build, you can Check For Updates in the RapidWeaver menu to update to the latest beta version.

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@simon I have the latest beta and still cannot publish. It publishes a few hundred files each time before crashing with a variety of different errors. I am with Easyspace and can publish through 3rd party FTP apps so the fault is most definitely with Rapidweaver!

After I did an upgrade to 7.4 and this morning I needed to do an upgrade for almost 31 stacks I noticed that after a total republish of one of my sites, the site look bad. The total layout is corrupt and my navigation is lost, see www.pollennieuws.nl
I checked 7 site’s I build the past years and these are all build with RapidWeaver, Foundation, Total CMS and lots of other stacks. When I preview these sites in RW the layout and everything is corrupt. I don’t dare to upgrade these site’s to the web.
I don’t know what to do. Anyone an idea?
Kind Regards,

I’ve had the same issues for the past few days now. Gets nearly to the end of the publish then crashes. Although the Single Page Publish works fine we can’t keep doing this. Any fix for the problem yet?

@dan — Realmac

Can you give us an idea when the new Beta version of the RW will come out?

Thank you

Hi @ChrisL. Do you know which type of server you’re on with Easyspace? Shared? Virtual? Dedicated?

I’ve been in contact with Easyspace to try and pay for a month of hosting rather than their minimum yearly contract, but they’ve been less than helpful.

Edit: one of their sales guys just got in touch with me, and has helped me set up an account. I’ll do some testing with them today, and hopefully get to the bottom of this.

worth noting that, prior to force quitting, you can still save the project in this state and on a few occasions I have also been able to continue publishing from the drop down menu. At least this is my experience…

After a week or so of no issues, I now have regular if intermittent publishing errors.

  • Randomly gettting a ‘couldn’t upload to your FTP server’ error.
  • Confusingly the window says ‘Publishing Complete’
  • Annoyingly, the ‘Cancel Publishing’ button is greyed out so the only option is to Force Quit.

However, does appear that the project can be manually saved in this situation so not as problematic as it might be. Nevertheless this is a new issue for me in RW 7.4

Upon re-start the project publishes as it should, but after a few further edits is likely to repeat the freeze.

Changing publishing settings doesn’t help.

@manofdogz can you try the latest beta release here please? https://dl.devmate.com/com.realmacsoftware.rapidweaver/beta/RapidWeaver.zip

At the very least, I think the “Cancel Publishing” button should be clickable for you in this build.

Could you click the blue “i” button on the right hand side of that window, and share what the error message is?

I will next time it happens. There’s been more than one message