🚀 RapidWeaver 7 Beta Roadmap 🚀

Hello, developers

Today marks the launch of RapidWeaver 7 Developer Preview 3. This preview is the final one before we start our work on the Public Beta - so, if you have not yet started testing RapidWeaver 7 in earnest, please start now! Here’s some details about licenses to test with, and the roadmap to final release…

RapidWeaver 7 Beta Licenses

When we release RapidWeaver 7 public beta, we’ll be issuing beta-specific licenses to anyone who wants to test the app. They’ll expire when we launch RapidWeaver 7.0 GM. To help us test this setup, you can receive a beta license at:


Please do not share this URL - it’s useless without a beta copy of RapidWeaver 7 to enter it into :wink:


Our Public Beta 1 milestone wraps up on Friday 19th February. We will seed you near-daily beta builds between now and then, so please ensure you enable Beta updates via the RapidWeaver Preferences → Updates pane in today’s build. We’ll also provide you with a build of Public Beta 1 on the 19th, to give you time to run final checks before we go live with the public beta

We will launch the RapidWeaver 7 public beta on Wednesday 24th February.

RapidWeaver 7 Public Beta 1 will be feature complete, and we will only be fixing up bugs and crashes from that point on.

After this first public beta, we’ll be pushing out betas every few days until we’re happy. Right now, the milestone end-date for RapidWeaver 7 is March 29th, however that is subject to change (either pushed back or moved forward) depending on how beta goes.

Got a question about our plans?

Reply here and @dan and I will be happy to answer!




Hi Nik,

I’ve been getting this screen for about 20 minutes …

Try emptying caches and re-entering your details. We were fixing an issue in Safari.


When I try to open RW7 this morning it tells me that my beta license has expired, so I go to get a new one using the link you provided above and enter it in and this is the message it gives me:

What should I do :smile:

Could you confirm the version (and build) that you’re seeing this in, as noted in the About window?


It won’t let me get that far. I can’t get past the serial activation window

You’ve launched an older, non-beta version. The window would show “RapidWeaver 7 Activation” if you’re running a beta build.


Delete all older builds of RW 7 and re-download the latest here:


like this?

Ok … downloading now

That sorted things … thnx!