RapidWeaver 7 category for the Community site

Will we be getting a RW 7 setting for add-ons for the Community site to single out things that will work solely on RW 7? http://d.pr/i/4gZC

Yeah, but I’m not sure if it’ll go live tomorrow… @ben will be able to tell you more :slight_smile:

Should go live today - aslong as everything runs smoothly :slight_smile:


Great marketing site update btw - nice theme :wink:

Thanks man, it’s nice to have the entire site built in RW again :slight_smile:

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Thanks @ben! Will get Voyager Pro listed up there today using that new RW 7 designator. :smiley:

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Indeed, that is a great looking site @dan has built. Truly love it.

this is now live on the site :slight_smile:

Awesome! Thanks @ben! Just updated Voyager Pro to use that swanky new RW7 category. :wink: