RapidWeaver 7 & Deprecations

One for the plugin developers… an FYI more than anything.

We’re gradually modernising the RapidWeaver codebase as we update the app for RapidWeaver 7, fixing depreciations as we work with areas of the codebase. With RapidWeaver 7 building for OS X 10.10 and newer, any underlying code that has a deprecation warning of 10.9 or earlier will, wherever feasible, be updated. It’s unlikely to be for final release, but it’s something we’re constantly working on.

Some Guidance

When auditing RapidWeaver’s code base, the most notable area of deprecations is when displaying alerts. We’ve used NWAlert and RWAlert classes in the past, but as of RW7 if you’re relying on these classes (and, note, you shouldn’t be ;P) consider this a warning that they’ll go away without notice.

If you’re doing anything with Gestalt to determine OS X versions, that should be on your list to update, too (and you should probably check the Console for warnings about it ;)).

As always, we’re publishing new builds of RapidWeaver 7 on a daily basis, so make sure to enable Beta updates.