RapidWeaver 7 Developer Preview 1.5

Please remember that these builds are provided as strictly private builds. This build shouldn’t be shared, and does not represent the final feature set for RapidWeaver 7.

RapidWeaver 7 b15689

This is a snapshot straight out of Xcode. There will be rough edges! https://dl.devmate.com/com.realmacsoftware.rapidweaver7/15689/1449064378/RapidWeaver7-15689.zip

  • New retina assets in some plugins.
  • Publishing improvements
  • Per-page banner images (WIP).
  • Lots and lots of other changes.
  • Cmd + A to select all of current Page List type (Pages, or Resources). Cmd + Shift + A to select absolutely everything in the Page List.

Known Issues

There’s too many to list currently. But in particular you may find issues with resources being marked as changed, and quirks in the Publishing setup.

If you run into an issue, please report it via email to both nik@realmacsoftware.com and dan@realmacsoftware.com.

Expect a formal second preview later this month! :smile:


Finally getting around to grabbing preview 1.5 now that Majestic is out the door, but the above link seems to fail. Am I missing a different link elsewhere for a new version of RW 7 preview somewhere?

We’re running a little housekeeping that means we’ve had to remove this build for now. Please hold for Preview 2!

No problem. Thanks Nik!