⚡️ RapidWeaver 7 Developer Preview 3 ⚡️

Known Issues

  • RapidWeaver may be unstable when a document containing the Blog, Contact Form, or Photo Album pages are open. This is due to us changing how RapidWeaver manages its memory. Expect this to be fixed in an interim build next week.
  • Closing the RapidWeaver document window may cause RapidWeaver to crash.

Plugin developers: RapidWeaver will now log a warning when calling unloadPluginOnDocumentClose. This method will be removed before the public beta, so please move your memory management to use dealloc (we’re still working on this for the three plugins above, hence their possible instability). If you’re a heavy user of KVO this may require a little work to make sure everything is adjusted to the new setup.

Download Link

https://dl.devmate.com/com.realmacsoftware.rapidweaver/beta/RapidWeaver.zip - bug reports via email to dan@realmacsoftware and Nik@realmacsoftware.com please!

New Features

  • Coming in Public Beta Health Check: This new feature makes it easy to make your site load even faster, and be more easily indexed by search engines. RapidWeaver analyses your site, and will highlight steps you can take to improve your site before you publish.
  • New, modern OS X sidebar:, with translucency, that shows all your pages, resources and settings in one location.
  • Re-orderable Sidebar: you can now re-arrange the Pages, Resources, and Settings groups in the sidebar, and collapse the ones you don’t need.
  • Refined Design: We’ve reduced the amount of UI “chrome” that RapidWeaver adds, allowing more space for your website content.
  • Page Inspector: You can now choose to pop the Inspector out into its own window and resize.
  • New lightning-fast Preview: RapidWeaver now uses the latest Safari engine to preview pages.
  • Multiple Publishing Locations: if you need to publish projects to multiple locations, you can set these up in your project, and choose the server when publishing. RapidWeaver’s smart publishing will also keep track of changes across multiple publishing locations.
  • Local Publishing: The “Export” feature is something we’ve always felt should be considered a way of publishing your site, and now it is! If you’ve set up a default Export folder, it’s been added as a publishing destination.
  • Project Backup: RapidWeaver can optionally create a ZIP file of your project, and upload it to your server when publishing. The file is added to a “secret” location on your server, meaning that while it is downloadable by anyone who knows the cryptic web address, it’s tricky to guess that web address.
  • Multiple Selection in the Page List: Use Cmd + A to select all of the sidebar group you’re currently viewing. Cmd + Shift + A to select the entire sidebar. You can Duplicate, re-order, and Delete multiple items.
  • Syntax Highlighting: New syntax highlighting engine, and preference to enable a black background for code areas.
  • New “Only Show Modern Themes” preference: (enabled by default). Older themes will be shown when in use by a project, or you can turn on all themes via the RapidWeaver Preferences.
  • Banner Images: In themes that support this new feature, you can now add a custom banner image to your site, and customise it on each page. Themes that support this feature also include optimal image dimensions to help you size images.
  • Quick Look: We’ve re-written the Quick Look generation for your projects, ensuring greater compatibility with large pages, and to make sure more of your project homepage appears in the preview image.
  • Media Browser: RapidWeaver’s media browser now supports other, non-Apple, apps including Lightroom, and custom folders from the Finder.
  • User-selectable Addons Folder: need to save your addons in a custom location? RapidWeaver 7 allows you to do this, and will move your addons for you! Great if you’re working between machines.

Upgrading from RapidWeaver 6

  • All your addons and preferences are automatically copied across, and all RapidWeaver 6 plugins are fully compatible this version of RapidWeaver.
  • Upon opening your RapidWeaver 6 project file, RapidWeaver will create a new .rapidweaverproject file, which should be used with RapidWeaver 7.


  • Photo Album: now adds an image caption as the “Alt” tag in individual photo pages.
  • SEO Tab in Page Inspector: Metatags are now shown in their own tab in the Page Inspector, with an “Add Missing Metatags” option to help ensure greater SEO!
  • Third-Party Plugins: When a third-party plugin asks RapidWeaver to show the Page Inspector’s “Plugin” tab, and that tab is already open, RapidWeaver will close the Page Inspector.
  • Opt-In to Beta Updates: If you’re feeling adventurous, and want to see new RapidWeaver features before anyone else, you can opt-in to receive beta updates to RapidWeaver.
  • Sitewide Code: To allow you to better-edit large amounts of site-wide code, RapidWeaver now displays it in tabs, instead of consecutive text fields.
  • New Body Sitewide Code: The “GoSquared” and “Google Analytics” fields have been merged into sitewide code. “Google Analytics” content is now placed in the Head tab, with a new “Body” tab now available for use. RapidWeaver 7 will migrate your existing code from RapidWeaver 6 into this field when generating a RapidWeaver 7 project file.
  • Master Styles / Theme Inspector: You can now collapse / hide the contents of theme variation groups.
  • UI refinements: we’ve made a number of changes, making RapidWeaver more modern in the built-in plugins.
  • Lightning Fast Image Processing: RapidWeaver’s image processing has seen major changes, to both use the latest OS X technologies, and to ensure that ICC Colour Profiles are respected.
  • Turbocharged export: We’ve substantially reworked the way RapidWeaver exports sites, to make it lightning quick.
  • Smaller Documents: RapidWeaver is now far smarter when generating QuickLook previews, and no longer exports the entire theme contents.


  • When dragging an image without a creation date into a RapidWeaver project, a creation date will be added to the image.
  • Theme Browser: Numerous improvements to how RapidWeaver duplicates themes, and handles the duplicates in the Theme Browser.
  • If a Website Address has not been set for your project, RapidWeaver will now prompt you to enter one when right-clicking a page and choosing “Publish Page”.
  • The default theme for new projects has changed to “Tesla”.
  • Literally hundreds of other behind-the-scenes changes to make RapidWeaver faster and more reliable.

New For Developers

  • Themes can now opt-in to the new Banner Image feature.
  • Plugins can now ask RapidWeaver to limit the number of times a plugin can be used in a document.
  • Improvements to the plugin SDK that ensure RapidWeaver plugins are fully released from memory when a project is closed.