RapidWeaver 7 Launch Date

We’re currently aiming to launch RapidWeaver on Tuesday May 3rd . Please be aware that this date may change, but right now this is looking most likely, If anything changes you guys will be the first to know.

Oh and if you were wondering where we put the confetti in RW, it’s here (make sure you have the sound on) http://downloads.dancounsell.link/2A7F

Happy Weaving!


ah ah nice!! Happy Weaving

T-minus 4-weeks and counting! Woo hoo!

hah, when you say it like that, it does’t sound that long… Yikes!

Is this still on track…? we seem to having a lot of major changes and stability issues. i wonder if there is too much up in the air or untested to make 5/3 a realistic deadline. I don’t want to see the same backlash that the RW5 --> RW6 launch saw…

I think we may be a little later, hence why there’s been no public announcement on the date yet :wink:

no worries. just trying to set realistic expectations. thanks for the update.

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Any news on release date?


Nothing confirmed yet, depends how the next few betas go. I’d say we’re a week or two out.
Will post on this forum with the details when it’s all confirmed.


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