🌟 RapidWeaver 7 Preview 2.5

Hi folks

Just a quick snapshot of things so far.


  • Relocatable addons folder.
  • Lots of other goodness.

If you’re a plugin developer, please get testing with this build.






Love the unified sidebar. Great job!

A new build for you.


New in this build:

Cachebusting timestamps are added to page assets when using Re-Publish All Files

N.B. We don’t do this every time you publish a page. If the timestamp updated every time you click publish, every page would always be marked as changed. This is because, in order to determine changes in a page, we compare the MD5 hash of the exported HTML to the last-published version’s MD5 hash.

More soon :slightly_smiling:



oh man, that’s good stuff. really smart.

There’s a number of other changes too :wink:

  1. We no longer export the theme every time a page is exported (unless the page has a page-specific theme applied). This makes exports far faster.
  2. We’ve dramatically reduce the file size for RapidWeaver documents with Quick Look enabled. When creating the HTML for a Quick Look preview, we enforce CSS consolidation, analyse the CSS for images in use, and only copy the assets from the theme that are required by the CSS file. e.g. a project with the Tesla theme goes from 22MB (new project with an empty Markdown page) to 1.5MB when saved with this build. We’re looking at ways to apply this logic to exported sites too, so that the number of files that need to be uploaded is reduced.
  3. RapidWeaver 7 now generates .rapidweaverproject files when opening a .rw6 file.
  4. Fixes an issue with sub-navigation not appearing correctly in Blog pages when using the new Split navigation feature (e.g. in Tesla theme).



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This is the best version of RapidWeaver we’ve ever shipped. Fact!

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Great stuff team,

So the app has been renamed to RapidWeaver 7 not just RapidWeaver?
I guess all we need to do os rename it back to just RapidWeaver?

I’d leave it as “RapidWeaver 7” and delete all previous builds of 7.

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