RapidWeaver 7 Preview Build: New Feature

Hi folks,

RapidWeaver 7 b16313 is now available. It adds a new feature called “Health Check”, and I’m particularly excited about this one :smiley:

Health Check analyses your site, and provides helpful tips on how to improve the way your site is built and structured. Think SEO and accessibility. There’s one-click fixes that can be made in the Health Check window (e.g. enabling CSS consolidation), and for changes that you need to make yourself, RapidWeaver takes you directly to the location to make it. Give it a go, but please read these known issues first…

  • Known Issue: The highlighting of areas where you should make changes may not always be accurate in Styled Text areas.
  • Known Issue: The Health Check UI is not yet complete.
  • Known Issue: Third-party plugins may not be analysed.
  • Known Issue: Descriptions in the Health Check view are clipped.
  • Known Issue: Site assets such as banners and logos are checked for accessibility, even if the site doesn’t have either of those images in use.

It’s available now by checking for updates, or via the link below:




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@Nikf - Please tells the development team that RW7 is really shaping up and looking great. It is amazingly fast and crashes A LOT less than RW6 does. It really seems to be a solid update so far.


I’ll pass it on, Gary! We’re all incredibly excited about RW7!

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