RapidWeaver 7 Theme Banners

I’m working with the new banner feature for RW 7 themes right now as I develop a new RW 7 theme. I’ve got the banner well working fine. It gets enabled and suggests the height and width using the PLIST settings. The only thing I haven’t been able to get to work is the RWThemeBannerFallbackImage. I’ve set it to be an image within the theme images/banners/default_banner.jpg but it isn’t getting added to the CSS file. Instead the %banner% variable is left in place.

Is this a known bug? If not let me know and I’ll send over the theme to @nikf for testing and whatnot.

If Consolidation hasn’t been enabled, preview 1/1.5 will not substitute CSS paths. This is a known issue that will be fixed in preview 2!

Consolidation is on. The CSS path gets substituted for the banner image and works fine. It’s only when there is no banner image in the image well that the RWThemeBannerFallbackImage isn’t getting substituted in it seems.

OK: thanks. Simon’s committed in a number of changes this afternoon, so I’ll verify if that’s still happening. Could you drop me a note with the theme, just so I can make sure we’re covering every eventuality?

Sure thing! Just sent you an email with it.

This feature is shaping up to be awesome, by the way! Have integrated it into a new theme and it works really well!


That’s awesome to hear, I think customers will be very happy (I hope).