RapidWeaver 8.0 Dev Beta 3 (Build 19283b)

Hey Guys,

Sorry, it’s been a while since the last build, but we’ve been knee-deep in some very old code that handled add-on migration and installation. The good news is it’s mostly re-written now so as well as being more reliable when installing add-ons, it will also tell the user if something went wrong, before it would act as though it had installed the addon, even if it couldn’t. Sheeesh.


If you’ve run the previous beta builds of RW8 you will need to do the following before installing this new build:

If you let RapidWeaver 8 manage your addons and you want to keep them, launch RapidWeaver 8, go to Preferences/Addons and click the “Reveal in Finder” button. Take a copy of the addons.

Delete the following files/folders if they exist

/Users/[USER NAME]/Library/Preferences/com.realmacsoftware.rapidweaver8.plist

/Users/[USER NAME]/Library/Containers/com.realmacsoftware.rapidweaver8

What’s new in this build?

  • [NEW] Site language (HTML lang) can now be chosen in the General settings
  • [NEW] Custom colours in the Theme Styles area can now be reset
  • [NEW] Default Page Icons are now used in the page list, rich icons can be switched back on via the prefs
  • [NEW] You can now right-click a theme in the add-ons manager to set it as the “default theme”.
  • [FIXED] Much better handling of add-on installation
  • [FIXED] RapidWeaver will now show a warning if it has issues installing add-ons (previously it failed silently)
  • [FIXED] Banners images now display correctly in Preview on blog pages
  • [FIXED] Installing and updating add-ons should now be more reliable
  • [DEV] Themes can now specify the Height and Width for the site logo (see below for details)

And here’s what was new in previous RapidWeaver 8 builds…

  • [NEW] New App Icon
  • [NEW] Updated and Improved many aspects of the User Interface
  • [NEW] Added new themes and example projects
  • [NEW] New “Basic” page type, supports text, images, video and html (name and feature set will change, very buggy also)
  • [NEW] New Resources Browser; support for local files, folders, FTP, photos, and Unsplash
  • [NEW] Added automatic (& manual) support for Facebook Open Graph
  • [NEW] Added support for editing .htaccess files, we also made it easy to keep revisions and roll back changes
  • [NEW] New Add-ons manager in the Preferences Window, includes support for searching, enabling and disabling
  • [NEW] RapidWeaver no longer requires you to have a standard file type extension (perfect if you want to add your own .htaccess files or .css files using the code page type)
  • [NEW] Added an option to allow the Web server to start automatically when a project is opened
  • [NEW] Redid the add page menu making it cleaner and faster to use
  • [NEW] Updated the “HTML Code” page type, it’s now known as just “Code” and “Apply Theme” is off by default
  • [NEW] Server port can now be specified on a per project basis under “Advanced”
  • [NEW] Added an option to “Generate Social Tags” in the General settings
  • [NEW] Added support for setting a Twitter handle, this is used in the Social Graph meta tags
  • [NEW] Added information on switching websites to https
  • [FIXED] Server name is more clearly shown as editable
  • [FIXED] Fixed an issue where SSL certificates don’t correctly present the trust window
  • [FIXED] SSH publishing now allows a pem file to be selected. The public key is now optional
  • [FIXED] Improved handling of changed files when publishing
  • [FIXED] Numerous other minor bug fixes and improvements
  • [FIXED] Blog date customisation now displays correctly
  • [DEV] Added a new method to allow plugins to insert code just before the closing body tag: - (NSString *)extraBodyHTML:(NSDictionary *)parameters

Theme Developer Additions

Logo Width and Height Support:
In your theme’s Info.plist, you can now specify RWAssetOptions. Inside that dictionary, you can specify RWThemeLogoImageRecommendedWidth and RWThemeLogoImageRecommendedHeight.


Download RapidWeaver 8 beta 3 (19283b):

I’m been using RW8 for live production work, but your mileage may vary. Always backup, etc:
Download RapidWeaver 8 19283b

Please keep the feedback coming, the feature set is still open and we’re aiming to add some of the most requested features (where feasible).

Lots more good stuff to come!


Thanks Dan. Installation to the new beta version worked so far. Cheers!

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Potential bug with cache busting links in RW7. Maybe get this fixed in RW8? https://community.weavers.space/content/perma?id=85073

Thanks for reporting this, Joe. It has now been fixed for the next beta :+1:

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