RapidWeaver 8.0 Dev Beta 4 (Build 19358b) — NEW!


Here’s the latest build of Dev Beta 4. This one’s starting to shape up, it essentially has lots of fixes and some minor improvements.

I’d recommend you guys start using this full-time as much as possible. The more issues you find and report back the sooner we can get this shipped and into users hands.

We’re focusing on polishing up what we have in the app right now, but do plan to add a few more of the things you guys have requested.

Download RapidWeaver 8.0 Dev Beta 4 (Build 19358b)

Please post back any bugs or issues you find here.

Happy Weaving!

Oh, and here’s a quick hacky video showing a couple of new things we’ve added recently…



Example projects are missing…

  • View > Reveal Addons Folder (⌘7) does not work.
  • My add-ons were migrated however, none of them were recognized until I restarted the app.
  • I migrated a .rw project. It created a new .rw8 project. However, every time that I open that new file, it asks me to migrate.


Yup, they gone bye-bye. We’ll be replacing them with some new ones for when we ship 8.0 :slight_smile:

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@dan Spent some time in the latest beta.

My initial feelings… Please consider making the new popout preview window an added option, as opposed to the new only way to preview.

If I’m working on a two monitor set-up, I think it’s awesome. Working on one screen, previewing on the other… Great!

But a lot of the time (like today in testing) I’m on a single smaller screen, 13" MPB.
And my experience with it today wasn’t good.
On a single smaller screen or even any single screen, I’m struggling to see where the benefits are.
OK, the scaled view of a 27" iMac is really handy when working on a small screen, you just could not get that the old way, but I only need to see that once in a blue moon.

The old way I loved / love because I can still quickly see smaller screen representations and more than anything, I love love love, the little width indicator when manually adjusting the width for setting up non-standard media queries. So handy.

So please. If at all possible make this an addition and not the new standard. Let’s have it and the old toggle preview.

PS: You’re probably aware as it’s in flux, But it really needs to remember the last device you had selected for preview, instead of keep opening in iPhone 8. That extra click to select a larger device every time I opened it didn’t help with my first impression of it.


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You can still preview the old way… (via ⌘R) edited

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If both of the Robots settings inside the page inspector are checked, could RapidWeaver not add a meta tag? These are the default search engine behaviors anyways. So not adding the file would be nice for those that might want to manage robots in other ways.

…or a setting to not add them but I assume my original idea is easier.

@Doobox – Since Joe’s post didn’t follow through there with any information, I went and looked deeper. It appears that the Edit / Preview toggle buttons are still available, for now, if you customize the RW Toolbar and add them back in. You can also toggle Edit / Preview mode with Command-R as normal. This will allow for normal previews as before.

Without knowing anything more I can assume that that functionality isn’t leaving the app. But with it not being a default, I can see where the confusion came from. I’d assume @dan and crew would likely keep the Edit / Preview toggles as a default to help transition users and let them know both preview types are available, but I don’t know if that is the case or not.


Oh yeah. Thank’s Adam, I didn’t think to try customising the toolbar.

But… At some point, we’ve lost the device options on that preview button, as well as the ability to manually drag the preview windows width, showing my favourite little current width indicator next to the mouse pointer.

Are those old behaviours coming back dan?

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Will get that fixed.

Will look into this, we may have to put in a force re-launch here.

Not managed to re-create this one, I know it sounds silly but are you sure you’re opening the right file… Sorry for asking this, but it’s the only thing I can think of that’s causing this…

Yes, I thought that might be the case. I think we’ll leave the old option there.

Yeah, that’s on the todo list — it will remember your last selection :slight_smile:

Not sure I understand this. When both settings are “checked” we add “”.

Did you want us to not add the meta tag if both options are unchecked? (I think this is what you want).

Can you clarify what you want a little more so we get this right.

UPDATE: @joeworkman
We just added this option (see screenshot). If “Enable Robot Meta Tags” is not enabled it won’t output any robot related meta tags. Is that what you wanted?

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We did want to chuck this out, but figured devs/users with smaller screens might want to still use this preview method. This is why we do betas, so get feedback from you guys :slight_smile:

We want to keep users happy so the old preview method will probably stay and make it into the final release.

Keep the feedback coming, it’s all really helpful.

Nope, we’ll keep the in-window preview, but the in-window resizing is gone. The new floating Preview window is soo much better for seeing how things will look on an iOS device that it doesn’t make sense to keep the old way of doing it. I think it’ll work out for the best once we get it all finished up.

I can totally understand this… that said, people will expect the in-window preview to work the way it does now. If you leave the old preview mode in the app without keeping it working the same way it does now, people will definitely complain, even if the pop-out preview does indeed do it better.

Yeah I know you’re right, we are just trying to clear out the old cruft :frowning:
Will think on it some more.

Have a look here… https://d.pr/v/JrKRCg

I have to agree with keep the old preview functionality. Even if it means that its not on the toolbar by default.

@dan Twice now since using beta 3 and 4, I have seen the error (something along the lines of) “this project file cant be opened”.
Couple of days after using beta 3, and just now.

This is the Doobox main website project file.
Each time I have had to retrieve a copy from time machine from a number of days earlier.
I have had no issues making changes and publishing while using the beta.
It only appears to corrupt the project in some way when I close RW down after making edits over a number of days. ( i rarely close it down).
It appears that on each occasion I am having to go back in time machine to a copy that preceded the last session using RW, and sessions for me normally last for days, without shutting down RW or the Mac (just sleeping).

On attempting to open the affected project file the console (serching “rapidweaver”) shows -

default	17:55:33.487148 +0100	NowPlayingTouchUI	[NowPlayingTouchUI] Reloading available apps due to workspace activating an application: NSConcreteNotification 0x60400005fbc0 {name = NSWorkspaceDidActivateApplicationNotification; object = <NSWorkspace: 0x600000009590>; userInfo = {
    NSWorkspaceApplicationKey = "<NSRunningApplication: 0x60400011d250 (com.realmacsoftware.rapidweaver8 - 37136)>";
default	17:55:33.580703 +0100	RapidWeaver 8	Read options: 0 -- URL: <private> -- purposeID: B24B157E-DDFE-4C57-837B-0593533C6360 -- claimID: E5B5FD9F-6A23-47E4-890E-8D301C96A53C
default	17:55:33.603566 +0100	RapidWeaver 8	Claim E5B5FD9F-6A23-47E4-890E-8D301C96A53C granted in client
default	17:55:33.603600 +0100	RapidWeaver 8	Claim E5B5FD9F-6A23-47E4-890E-8D301C96A53C invoked in client
default	17:55:34.066043 +0100	RapidWeaver 8	-[MyDocument twitterAccount:]: unrecognized selector sent to instance 0x7fc2d99ff600
default	17:55:35.901599 +0100	RapidWeaver 8	(null)

And RW prompts -