RapidWeaver 8.1.4 Beta 3 (Build 20641b)

Hey guys,

Here’s a little something for the weekend, it’s the latest and greatest beta of RapidWaver 8.1.4.

RapidWeaver 8.1.4 Beta 3 (Build 20641b)

  • [NEW] Fixed a crash in the resources browser
  • [NEW] Thumbnail slider in the photo album now works
  • [NEW] Fixed an issue where RapidWeaver would use an incorrect resource path
  • [NEW] File sharing plugin now sorts correctly
  • Fixed a crash while exporting a Photo Album
  • Fixed extra slashes in ogImage/twitterImage URLs
  • Fixed some more issues with the styled text page when in Dark Mode
  • The health checker got its heart back!
  • Send email option in Contact Form now saves correctly
  • Fixed an issue with copying a URL from the Resources Manager
  • Paste as plain text/match style should now set the correct colour even when in Dark Mode
  • Lots of under the hood changes in this build to help with stability and performance.

Please remember this is beta / in-development software — If you’re not comfortable with using non-release software do not update.

Download RapidWeaver 8.1.4 Beta 3 (Build 20641b)

If you find any issues please post them here.

Happy Weaving!


Awesome. Thanks for keeping these releases coming. :+1:

No problem, it’s what we do!


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I still have the problem that the auto update doesn’t properly install the new versions. I get a prompt on a new version, click “update now”, it tells me it’s downloading and installing, I click “ok” when finished and relaunch - and it’s still on the same old version (and prompts me again on the new one).
Is that Realmacsisyphus? :wink:

edit: nevermind. Problem sorted. I had renamed my 8.1.4 version to “Rapidweaver 8.1.4” in order to keep my “regular” RW 8. Which caused the notification. Now it works.

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RapidWeaver 8.1.4 is now available, and please don’t panic if your issue wasn’t fixed in this release as the 8.1.5 beta 1 will be along shortly!!!

Download the update in-app or from the release notes page: