🔥 RapidWeaver 8.4 and macOS Catalina Plugin Compatibility

And to clarify… I should not have said “blame” - I should have said “Why no responsibility put on the user”… I was not trying to cast any “blame” on anyone… just trying to stress that we are all each responsible for our “rigs.”


Anyone know if Armadillo works?

Armadillo is all stacks (not a separate plugin), so if stacks work then it should not be impacted by Catalina. I haven’t upgraded to Catalina and am not planning to in the near future so I can’t say for sure. I have too many other “Catalina Issues” like 32bit applications and iTunes Scripts that need to be addressed before even attempting.


If you haven’t already, I would be very cautious to upgrade. Catalina is a major upgrade. It locks down security further, removes 32-bit support amongst other changes. A normal rule of thumb for many users is to wait for at least 3 .x releases. Just because the upgrade is free does not mean you should upgrade. On any system including iOS I never use automatic updates. They are the quickest way to break a working system. I’ve only just upgraded to Mojave.

I’d encourage anyone to read the many blog posts on the internet that detail Catalina changes.


What about Foundry? I don’t even know if it’s considered a “plug-in” and needs updating.

Foundry is Stacks and a Theme(not a plugin) and should have no problems specific to Foundry.


Hey there @CappyD – Listen to @teefers. He speaks the truth. Foundry is unaffected. :smiley:


cool… thanks guys!

Plenty of fear mongering going around.

Will some folks have issues? Of course.
Will most not have issues? Certainly. They just don’t pipe up and say how everything is working as expected.

Do your homework (as others have suggested) and see what apps you might lose with the move to 64bit apps.

@dan and @Tom say 8.4 is good to go! @isaiah has provided an update on his products. Other plugins, check with the devs.

Party on, Garth!


I updated straight away and all is good. I’m using the same version of RW I had before the update and it works fine.

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Hi Nigel,

Hi Nigel, thanks for the confirmation. It’s good to have a solid data point.

Can you confirm which version of RapidWeaver and Stacks you have installed. Other users can fall back to that version if they need to.

Here’s a screenshot showing where to look to find the version numbers.

I was on Version 8.3 (20799) Stacks -

Today I updated to 8.4! Bin that I just saw that Foundry accordions and tabs were not working correctly in last version. Only just tested those.

Now on Version 8.4 (20812) Stacks 4.0.3 (4795) - ignored plugin warnings and all seems good. Im doing some rebel work today so will see what if anything breaks.

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Hi, So far I can’t get Weaverpix, Formloom 4, Ecwid on line, Waterfall and PlusKit to work. Any suggestions?

This from Greg about Weaverpix:

WeaverPix v1, v2 and v3 + Catalina

I just updated RW on Catalina. Stacks is not installed. It is present in my Application Support file, but I don’t know how to get it back into the Preferences under the Stacks tab, so I guess I can go download it again on the page.

I hit find out more and was brought to the stacks page and it appears I am suppose to pay another $49.95 for Stacks.rapidweaverplugin

How do I fix this mess?

Don’t worry, both Stacks 3 and Stacks 4 are Catalina compatible. In fact all our plugins are.

There is absolutely nothing to buy to get Catalina compatible.

If you already own a license to Stacks 4 then just go to the Stacks page, click the big Download button, and follow the installation instructions, and you’re good to go.

If you’re still using Stacks 3, that’s OK too. At the bottom of every page on our site is a link to our plugin archive of all the older versions. Just click through to the Stacks archive page and download the latest Stacks 3. I think it’s v3.6.8 – it’s Catalina compatible too.

And just to be clear, we will never charge a fee just to fix bugs or make our software work with the latest OS.

Stacks is made by me and my wife. That’s it. And just like you we hate companies that pull sleazy stuff like that. Since Stacks launched 11 years ago we’ve charged only three times, and always when we added a ton of new features.

Make sure to update any of our other plugins too. Yep. All free updates for Catalina.


This is exactly why so many people love not just your stacks Isaiah but YourHead as a company. Honesty. Quality. Humility. Integrity.



anyone have a link for SiteMap 3.2? That is the only plugin that i am having issues with on Catalina (still have 3.1.1 installed).

thank you,


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I believe it still may be in beta: Blocks and Flow and Accordion and …
There is a link to the beta of Sitemap 3.2 on Isaiah’s Slack channel (the link to that is also in the topic I linked above)

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