RapidWeaver 8.8.4 on Monterey with PHP 7.4.21

Quick update…

We’re working on a new build of RapidWeaver 8 that will include PHP 7.4.21 and run on Monterey (ARM & Intel). This will fix the preview issues users are having.

FYI: Big Sur shipped with PHP 7.3.24, but I know in the past some developers have requested a newer version of PHP to ship with RW. Hence why we plan to ship with 7.4.21 (the last build on the 7.x branch)

In RW 9 we’ll include an advance option to specify your own install/version of PHP should you wish.

@joeworkman I know your hot on your php stuff so let me know if that all sounds good to you.

We should have a beta build out later this week for testing.

Happy Weaving!



Very very nice! :tada:

Cool :sunglasses: :fire:

Boom! We just posted a public beta in the main forum!

Will the new PHP server logic also be active on Big Sur (as I don’t have Monterey installed)?

Yup, it’ll be used in RapidWeaver under Big Sur too :slight_smile:


Some users reported issues with 8.9 and can only see blank pages. Going back to 8.8 or 8.7 fixes this. @dan Can you please check this?

On it! RapidWeaver 8.9 broken preview - Help!

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file_get_contents() is disabled if anyone else uses that in Preview mode.

Blank pages also mean 500 errors and display_errors is disabled.

@yabdab Should be all fixed in 8.9.1 :slight_smile:

Let us know if you hit any other issues.

@dan getting reports that file_get_contents() is still not enabled in 8.9.1

Oh noes! Have you reproduced this or got a project file we can take a look at?

file_get_content exists, but something in this PHP build prevents it from returning data.

Just create a HTML page and use this…


echo $vcheck = file_get_contents('https://www.yabdab.com/yabcasts/fs3/version.php?v=3.0.6');


Doh! We’ll take another look.

Why don’t you use curl for that? file_get_contents is blocked for HTTP requests by default in many default configs.

Hey @yabdab we’ve looked into this some more, and we think it’s actually a recent change in PHP that is causing you issues. We’re pretty sure PHP has started doing peer validation when accessing https via file_get_contents.

Remember we moved from PHP 7.3.24 to PHP 7.4.21.

Take a look at this article for an example:

Hope that’s all good. If you need more help on this I’ll refer you to my main man @tpbradley :wink:


@yabdab ah-ha! @tpbradley has just given me this code snippet to pass on to you. How’s that for service? :wink:

$content = file_get_contents('https://www.yabdab.com/yabcasts/fs3/version.php?v=3.0.6', false, stream_context_create($arrContextOptions));
echo $content;