RapidWeaver 8 Dev Beta 5 (Build 19491b)

Hey Weavers,

Here’s a brand new build of RW 8 for the weekend. We’re now nearing completion, and rapidly (excuse the pun) heading towards the GM.

We still have a long list of things to fix and improve but I think we should get through those pretty fast.

Anyway, here’s what new in this latest build:

  • Further work on the the Resources Manager (still not done, but it’s super fast, and getting better every build).
  • Added social graph support for individual blog posts
  • Plugin files are now also minified (if the option is enabled)

Download RapidWeaver 8 Dev Beta 5 (Build 19491b)

We’re going to continue polishing and fixing bugs to make sure this is a great 8.0 release.

Please keep the bug reports and feedback coming, we take everything onboard and it all helps.

Happy Weaving!


Oh man I wish I had time to do testing and especially to try out the new theme controls. So much going on right now. :-/

This one caught my attention. Details? What is this?

Hey @Isaiah,

Ok, so back when we first launched minification in RapidWeaver, it turns out we were only minifying CSS/JS that came from themes. This meant that “Minify Extra Files” wasn’t doing everything it should have done.

As of RapidWeaver 8, CSS and JS files provided by the plugin will also be minified if this option is selected - unless the files are already minified (by adding .min. to your filename - myfile.min.js, for example).

I hope that helps! Any questions or thoughts, please let us know.



Going to Preferences -> Addons -> Stacks leads to a crash. I just send a report.

Re-opening the Preferences now lets the app crashing every time.

Deleting the data from the Containers folder let’s me open the Preferences again.

Thanks, I can replicate that here. We’ll get it fixed up for the next build!

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