RapidWeaver 8 GM FINAL FINAL FINAL - UPDATED August 3rd

Hello Weavers,

So this is it, we made it, I think…

RapidWeaver 8.0 the GM build is finally here, you’ll need to download this build using the link below, as it’s the GM and not on the beta feed: https://dl.devmate.com/com.realmacsoftware.rapidweaver8/RapidWeaver8.zip

Lots of things have been fixed in this build so it’s worth putting it through it’s paces and seeing if you run into any issues. Especially when migrating older RW 6/7 projects.

This is the build we will release to the public unless you guys (or our beta testers find any issues).
If you do find an issue, please post it on this thread or email me directly - dan@realmacsoftware.com

We’re aiming for launch within the next two weeks, I just need to nail down a date. I will post here as soon as we’ve set a date.

I finally I just wanted to say thank you for testing and helping us with RapidWeaver 8, I really appreciate it. You guys rock!


UPDATE: Aug 2nd

RapidWeaver 8 GM 2 (Build 19972) is now available with the following fixes:

  • Now compatible with macOS 10.11 and newer
  • Fixed a little issue with the resources browser
  • Added a new API to help with migrating third-party plugin preferences

You can use the built-in update engine or re-download using the link above.

We have a few more bugs to fix, so typically you can expect a GM3 later in the week. If you come across any more issues please email dan@realmacsoftware.com.


UPDATE: Aug 3nd

RapidWeaver 8 GM 3 Final Final Final (Build 19988) is now available with the following fixes:

  • Pasting text into all code areas now works
  • Fixed an issue with cache busting when publishing single pages
  • Updates now work on 10.11
  • Right-click on missing resources to re-link them
  • Command-delete now works to delete resources
  • View Source is now updated correctly
  • Fixed an issue with some addons not migrating
  • Fixed an issue where plugin preferences/registration was not migrated correctly

You can use the built-in update engine or re-download using the link all the way above (and you may need to do that if you’re on 10.11).

As far as we’re concerned this is the final GM release, this is the one we’ll ship…unless we find a show-stopping bug. Do email me, dan@realmacsoftware.com if you find anything you think we need to fix asap.

All minor things we find will go into RapidWeaver 8.0.1, that will ship within a few days of launch — Upwards and onwards!



Decided to start anew and test the transfer of addons and noticed this is labeled as Copy Addons from RapidWeaver 6... in the menu. Should it be RW 7? Or is it detecting RW 6 because I have both installed?


Just an update. I went ahead with the copying of addons and it pulled them from RW 7, even though the menu items and pop-up after selecting the option are labeled as RW 6.

Additionally, after migrating add-ons over it seems that Stacks reports as no longer being registered and has Stacks prompt me for my serial number.

Adding a first Stacks page as soon as RW opens a new project seems to take a while: https://d.pr/v/mspzRj

Adding subsequent Stacks pages is pretty quick though.

Hey Dan,

Quick followup on GM:

On Blog page, when I drop in an image into the Image well under Social Tags, I don’t see it displayed in the blog post - maybe I’m holding it wrong :wink: Is that only for a social icon to be displayed somewhere? Not sure how to use or where that would show.


@Elixir Thanks for the heads up there, RW8 should attempt to copy RW7 addons first then fall back to RW6 if it can’t be found. Seems like this could just be a UI issue, I’ll check it out & the serial number thing too :wink:

The slowness could be Stacks starting up for the first time. If the slowness happens on other page types too like the built in ones, let me know and I’lll dig into it.

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Those are the social icon meta tags added to <head>

Hi Bill,

Which Social Tags image well are you dropping them into? There’s one in the page inspector for the main page itself, as well as one in the blog inspector. Perhaps we can make this more clear @dan? One for the roadmap.

Edit: sorry, I misunderstood your post. These social tags are saved in the page as meta tags, so if you post the link on Facebook, Twitter, iMessage, WhatsApp etc they’ll all pull this image and your title into their own user interface to make sharing your content much nicer. They’re not visible on the page itself.

Hi Simon,

Yes, it was in the blog inspector. That image was the location I was talking about. Just didn’t get where the image was being displayed :wink:


@joeworkman, thanks for the heads-up, we’ll get this fixed for GM3!

GM2 has now been posted. Check the top of the thread for details.

Edit: ignore what I posted here previously. We’ll post again soon with more information.

@isaiah @yabdab @gibo @rob
Just pinging you guys, so you’re aware of the above API changes that now need to happen ASAP.

Sorry for the short notice on this, it’s literally only just come to light in the last 24hours :frowning:

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Can you elaborate on this? What exactly needs to be done?

Hey guys,

We’ve identified a potential problem regarding this new API, hold off for now while we investigate. More details will follow soon.


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Okay guys, GM 3 Final Final Final is now available. Check the top of this thread for all the details.

This is the important one so please take it for a spin and if you find anything please email dan@realmacsoftware.com asap.

Cheers me dears :kissing_heart:

I hope that GM3 is not final… It wont load Stacks.


Could I get an link to GM2? Now I cannot work… damn.

@joeworkman Don’t panic. Update again this is fixed!