😇 RapidWeaver 8 Private Beta 5 (Build 19690b)

Hot on the heels of the last beta, comes another beta…

What’s New:

  • Fixed an export error some devs were seeing
  • The plugin tab in the inspector now has a heading (like the other tabs)
  • Added some WIP example projects for the new themes
  • Tweaked the add page menu some more
  • Tweaked the page source list some more
  • Hide/Show Inspector toolbar buttons changed again
  • Fixed a crash where RW would crash when closing a document
  • Open dialogue no longer opens behind the welcome window
  • Fixed an issue where navigating to a code view would mark all pages as changed.
  • A few other things have also been tweaked and fixed.

Download RapidWeaver 8 Beta 5 (Build 19690b)

We’re aiming to finish up 8.0 in the next two weeks, so if you’re not using it as your main build, now is the time to do so, let me know if you find any showstoppers — Don’t say I didn’t warn you :wink:

Expect another build later this week, we’ve another round of fixes and refinements.

Keep the feedback coming, thanks to you guys we’ve managed to fix a lot of issues we may have otherwise missed.



Can we ship example projects as a part of an rwaddons package?

Oh, now that is an interesting thought. We don’t support it, but we could… Is this something you’d really want to see? Any other devs wanna see this?

Let me know.


The new B4 themes are looking good :+1:

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Viele Grüße

I would totally use it…

I am pretty sure that I requested this for RW7. It could be really nice if us developers had access to see the RapidWeaver issues. We could file new requests/bugs/Ideas so that they don’t get lost in the weeds.

I think this would be good too. Would maybe need to give the user the choice if they want to install stack and project as the examples list will get busy / unweildy very quickly if a lot of stacks start coming with projects (might need a search option or at least option to sort somehow). Option to automatically launch the project after stack install might be nice too.

And +1 for a shared tracker of some sort.

Hi Dan,
I just tried to migrate my Barz-Stacks website to RW8.
First thing I notice preview is not working as the site logo hasn’t been migrated:

Cheers Maik

@barz-stacks can you send over that project or similar that has the issue with the missing site logo. Send it to dan@realmacsoftware.com and we’ll get it fixed for the next beta.