RapidWeaver 8 Private Beta 9 (Build 19896b)

Hello again,

Here’s today’s build. We’re now busy fixing up all the things and hope to release a GM in the next few weeks-ish. If you’re not using RapidWeaver 8 full time, I’d suggest you do so now. We don’t want any surprises for our customers come launch day :slight_smile:

What’s New?

  • Added an option to export and compress your addons directory (Handy for moving Macs, Backup, and Support), see: https://realmacsoftware.d.pr/17dZ7Q
  • You can now set the default preview browser in the preferences, this one’s for @joeworkman, see: https://realmacsoftware.d.pr/PgFKIa
  • Update new theme thumbnails
  • Example projects now have proper descriptions
  • Health check now checks correctly for favicons
  • Resource browser source list tweaks, more to come…

Download RapidWeaver 8 Private Beta 9 (Build 19896b)

As always post feedback here or directly to me - dan@realmacsoftware.com

Happy Weaving!

Nice! I had a couple of crashes that I submitted for the last build when I used the cmd+P for preview. It’s an interesting implementation. Good job.

So I have been testing around with the export timing more. It definitely has to do with Total CMS v2. It ships with A LOT of files. It looks as if every file gets exported for every page, even site wide files. When you have almost 1000, that can add up really quickly. I am waiting to hear back from @Isaiah if there is anything that we can do here or if this can be an improvement in the RW8 API so that Stacks can export faster.

1000 files!!! :exploding_head:

I’m not sure if this needs an API change so much as an intervention Joe.

Just to clarify are you finding 8 slower than 7 on export?
Also, 1,000 files is a lot. Is there any way you can cut that down?


Experimenting crashes in this build (19896b) when trying to open the Artful example, other examples open fine.

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Thanks @Lucas, we’ve just fixed this for the next build :slight_smile:

Getting the ‘Something went wrong…’ message when browsing in Resources (though application continues to function when message dismissed). I did send a crash report for one of the times it happened. Also had to force quit after adding a new resource as app became unresponsive.

Is there still work to be done in Resources? I think it’s a really important part. Would be great to see the ability to add a global resources folder that any RW project could tap into (for commonly used fonts / images / logos etc).

Also, double clicking on a RW8 project file tries to install it as opposed to open it:

The bundle “Project Name” doesn’t contain anything that needs to be installed.

Right-clicking and opening with RW8 works fine.

Hi @habitualshaker, thanks for the reports!

It looks like you might have an SVG font in that directory - is that correct? Could you share it with me please? You can send me a private message on this forum, or email me on simon@simonmaddox.com

It sounds like your Mac is trying to open the .rw8 file in an old version of RapidWeaver. Might that be the case? If not, could you send me your project file too please? :slight_smile:

I was rounding up a bit when I publish a demo site with about 10 pages, it publishes 995 files. Right now I am the only one using this version. I do plan on trying to slim that down before I unleash it to the world.

Hey @joeworkman. If you can send us something we can test with, we can see what we can do to speed it up before RapidWeaver 8 launches. It doesn’t matter how unfinished it is. Email me: simon@simonmaddox.com