🔥 RapidWeaver 9 — Build 21213b

Hey Developers,

Here’s a brand new build of RapidWeaver 9 along with the latest RWKit!


  • Preview of PHP totally broken <?php phpinfo(); ?> on HTML page
  • HTML plugin now exports content
  • HTML Plugin shows line numbers again
  • Corrected Preferences window toolbar on Big Sur
  • Pages now exported with correct file extension
  • Improved image detection/error handling in RW’s web server
  • Removed erroneous Niner theme
  • Styled text format menu items & clear formatting
  • Fixed customize touchbar items
  • Improved color of page inspector toolbar icons
  • Improved drag drop for resources
  • Pages are now created with unicode encoding
  • Improved preview image generation for resources


  • Can now change the size of theme thumbnails
  • New crash reporting system!!!
  • An experimental RW9 export API : NO NOT USE THIS

And yes, we’re still aiming to have RapidWeaver 8 updated and playing nicely on Big Sur, as discussed here:


RapidWeaver 9 Build 21213b
RWKit Download
Example Plugin

Any questions, just shout!

Many Thanks,

Further reading…

i looked through the diffs for RWKit there were not many changes. but i did notice these:


should i use these or are these part of the “experimental RW9 export API : NO NOT USE THIS”?

should i expect the example plugin you posted last time to still build and run?

anything else i should look at?

No don’t use them. If you open them up you’ll see the same comments telling you not to use them.

I expect from the diffs you’ve seen that there’s just one change required to make the sample plugin compile. In RWResourceProtocol

- (NSImage * _Nullable)previewImageWithError:(NSError * _Nullable * _Nullable)error;

Has changed to

@property (nonatomic, readonly) NSImage * _Nullable previewImage;

I’ve updated the example plugin showing how to make this change and also added support for drag drop file promises :smiley:
Example Plugin

thanks. is there a reason you’re not posting these to github? it would make them a lot easier to follow – and ensure i don’t miss a forum post and get left in the dark.

I needed to get our build system patched up and working in Big Sur, the next build will most likely be on GitHub

:+1: good to hear