Rapidweaver Blog: difference between categories and tag cloud

(Stephan Römer) #1

Hey all,

can someone explain the difference to me? To me, they both do practically the same.
Please enlighten me how to use these two correctly :slight_smile:



(Lisa Sandler) #2

Interesting that you should bring that up. I used to use both categories and tags. Now I just use the tags. I guess you can look at it like Categories and Sub Categories. If you need both, you use both. If you don’t, you don’t have to.

(Stephan Römer) #3

Hey Lisa!

Thanks for the clarification. That’s pretty much the same conclusion I came up to.
Tags look much better to me, since they are more intuitive. I think I will stick with those, too! :slight_smile:



(Brian LaPan) #4

You can use them similarly and you can use them differently. For instance, if you’re selling clothes, you may have categories: mens, womens, childrens and then individual tags: shirts, pants, dresses, shoes, etc. that may be in both categories.

That’s just one example but I’m sure there’s loads more.

(Stephan Römer) #5

I see, that’s a great example. However, will the tag cloud get smaller, e.g. will the category filter unused tag items?
If it does, then categories and tags together make great sense.