Rapidweaver database stack query

Hi everyone,
I have a site that I need to add a “feature request” feature to. Does anyone have any suggestions as to which Database stacks would achieve this?

I’d like to be able to provide the ability for the user to suggest features for an app and for people to up/down vote the feature, which would result in features being ranked by popularity.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

many thanks

I probably would go for an AirTable solution, using the AirPublisher stack and AirTable embedded forms to get get the feature requests in.

For rating / voting, perhaps a rating stack like Doobox “Rate It” could do it, however it there’s no “down voting”.

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Take care when you allow anybody to ”post” to your website without a moderator monitoring what gets displayed. You won’t believe what some people will try and post.


Thanks both - good advice, Doug!

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