RapidWeaver Password Protection — How to add user logins to your site!

Hello Weavers :slight_smile:

We’ve just released our latest training course for RapidWeaver — RapidWeaver Password Protection

If you’ve ever wondered about the options for password protecting, or adding a user login, to your RapidWeaver site, then this brand-new set of videos is for you!

We’re offering a special 50% launch discount for a limited time. So hurry over and get your copy before the sale ends.

The course is broken up into three sections:

  1. Basic authentication with Htaccess and Htpasswd files.
  2. Multi-user Logins with Page Safe
  3. Integrating the Sitelok Membership Software

If you head over to the Password Protection course page you can get a free preview and see what’s included in the course.

We also have a free preview video on YouTube where I explain exactly what you’ll learn in the course.

Happy Weaving :slight_smile:


That’s an instant buy! Exactly what I needed to learn.
Keep up good work with tutorials and we keep enjoying learning! :slight_smile:
And thanks for the great launch price.

This is an absolutely excellent course, that I’d advise everyone to grab whilst its still just £10.
It is worth the price for just the htacess video. I’ve heard about using this protection mechanism before, but couldn’t possibly use this without the well produced and detailed video. Its quite complicated but a ‘step at a time’ session with the video does the business. AND it cost no more than the course.
I actually have the Pagesafe stacks, but even there, have learnt more detail which again is very useful.
@ben Whilst on the subject of courses, can I suggest your next one (unless of course you have already one in mind), is a comprehensive FONT course, including all the stacks available.

Thanks, really glad you enjoyed the videos :smiley:

The htaccess video is great for simple password protected pages. Great to hear you learned something new!

quick question - how long is the video?

there are three videos in the course:

  • htaccess 14mins
  • Page Safe 15mins
  • Sitelok 14mins

Hope that helps!

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