Re: “Whoops, looks like something went wrong”

@ben: Thanks for fixing that bug with the accounts. Didn’t get a chance to reply there to say so before you closed the thread.

Wondered if you you might have missed my post further up in that thread from a day or so ago, since there were a lot of posts as you pointed out, where I asked about prorating our subscriptions for next month:

@ben: Any chance we can have our subscriptions prorated for next month based on this downtime in which we can’t update our products?

I love the Community site, as you know. I try to keep every addon updated and listed on the site and promote it in support tickets and when I have product launches and updates and post about it on Twitter, so I’m really glad we’re back up and running. I made three updates right away after you got it all ironed out. :slight_smile:

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Sorry for the slow reply, I’ve been on holiday for a couple of weeks.

What I’ll do is push back all developer subscription payments by a week — so basically give you back the week of time you weren’t able to update anything.

Hope that’s satisfactory for everyone :slight_smile:

Thanks! That sounds reasonable to me. :slight_smile:

Very amicable @ben thank you.

Already canceled my subscription. My fault I would say I am not able to profit from this one week.
Thanks nevertheless.

@ben I was just now charged for my subscription. Same day as I am every month (so no week delay). Did I misunderstand you, or did Fastspring ignore you?

I’m waiting for FastSpring to confirm the correct way to adjust the payment date.

The extra 7 days will be applied at some point this week.

@ben @Doobox: Just a heads up, I too was billed as normal today.

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Hmm, odd. I’ll contact FastSpring again and see why you weren’t given the extra week.


While I have your attention – will there ever be a subscription plan for developers that is in between the $49 and $249 plans? Maybe something with fewer promo slots but that offers videos?

Still waiting for FastSpring to get back to me about your subscriptions.

For those of you who subscribed through Paddle, you have already received a free week.

Never say never, but we’re not going introduce more subscriptions plans at the moment. We might look at this at some point, as we have a lot of exciting feature ideas for the Community site — perhaps once some of those are implemented it might make more sense.

I’ve just heard back from FastSpring, and we’ve ensured everyone with a developer subscription will be given an extra week on their current billing cycle.

Sorry for the delay, but we’re all good now :slight_smile: