Redirect on an incorrect web page address

My client, a golf course, printed a flier which directs you to a membership page:

This address is incorrect (and does not work), it should be:

What is the process to redirect to the correct page?

I appreciate the help.


The easy way is to go to your Cpanel and add a redirect which will add the rule into your .htaccess file


Thank you for answering. I have no experience doing this. Are there any tutorials out there?


It’s probably a better idea to change the folder name in RW from “Join” to “join”. Then the address printed on the flyer will work correctly. You’ll want to use an FTP app or Cpanel’s file manager to remove the “Join” folder and leave the new “join” folder. RW does not delete files from the server. This is the safe way to do site updates. It does mean you need to do some manual cleanup, though.

I’d then setup a 301 (page moved) redirect for “Join” to point to “join”. I’d also change any other folders you have that are not lowercase. Search Google for “301 redirect cpanel” and you’ll find lots of good info.

It’s always best to use lowercase naming for files and folders.

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Thank you for taking the time to explain.

Fixed all folder names with with lower case, updated and now working.



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