RefinedSlider 2 released for Stacks 3

RefinedSlider is the stack made for image slideshows. One of the best in its category, the RefinedSlider stack gives you the power to create richly-engaging slideshows; with huge scope to customise both the style and behaviour of completed image sliders. Few other slideshow stacks come close to what RefinedSlider can offer or achieve. Within a few clicks, you’ll have beautiful, responsive image slideshows to grace your webpages and wow your site visitors with. RefinedSlider is compatible with a wide choice of web browsers. You have the option to use images dragged and dropped into Stacks or images stored online in a public location.

The webpage for RefinedSlider provides a working example, full documentation, purchase links, a tutorial video and a free demo version you can download and install on your computer.

Updating from previous versions of RefinedSlidr / RefinedSlider
The update is free. For purchases made after 1st August 2015, just log into your Paddle Locker to get the download link for version 2. If you bought RefinedSlidr from or MacZot before 1st August 2015, please get in contact to request an update (remembering to stipulate the name / email address used for the purchase or attaching proof of purchase, like a Paypal receipt). RefinedSlider 2 installs itself alongside older versions of the stack.

RefinedSlider 2 requires Stacks 3. It will not function in Stacks 2.


Nice work! :thumbsup:

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That looks very good.