RefinedSlider2 not working on iPhone

I can’t seem to get RefinedSlider 2 to work on an iPhone. It works on all the other configurations. Any suggestions? Thanks.

Look at this page on a desktop and an iPhone:

I received a reply from Will Woodgate that answered my question. He said:

What have you got the breakpoint settings configured to? Because below the specified breakpoints, that particular element will be hidden on smaller screens. Please see the annotated screenshot I have attached to this email. You can download this project file too using the link provided on the website.

The breakpoint ensures you can reduce the visual clutter on smaller screens, where space is often at a premium. But if you do still want next and previous arrows displayed on mobile, then you simply have to adjust the breakpoint settings accordingly. And obviously if your slider is in manual mode, you certainly will want navigation enabled on all screen sizes! Giving an element a breakpoint of 0px would normally ensure it displays at al screen sizes.

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