Related products


Is there anyway that there could be a related products feature on the Community site? A section that would link to specifically related products to the one the visitor is viewing?

I’ll use Foundry for an example – Since Alloy, Potion Pack and Thunder Pack are all directly related to one another, it would be nice to have a box or section on the product page linking to them. Maybe we could specify up to like 5 items or so and add those to the page. Then the Community site could populate the box with small icons, title and short description and link to their Community site page.

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Maybe something similar to this sort of layout…

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I can add this to my “features” list, but I can’t promise anything right now. I have a lot of other things on my plate and I’m not sure how much use this feature would get…

Apart from Foundry, can you give me some other examples of when this would be used?

If you’re reading this and also think it would be a good addition everyone wants this, then please let me know here.

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I think it would be great for themes as well. The author can relate stacks to themes, suggesting tools that would benefit the user for that theme. Thanks for considering this as a feature.

For folks selling templates, they can add the suggested (required?) Stacks needed.


That is a great idea!

EasyDB will very soon have related stacks and 3rd party products that it’s integrated with, so that would be another example.