Relative Path Help Please for Refined Slider 2

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I could use some help getting a relative path to work for Refined Slider 2. I’ve made this work before with Pro Gallery 2, but I can’t figure out why this isn’t working. I have my index page set to php, and I have the images in a directory under the main directory.

(Bruce Kieffer) #2

Got it… Trial and error!

(Juerg) #3

Could you tell us the solution you’ve found? :grinning:

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Sure can! Keep in mind I bought RapidWeaver so I would not have to mess with code, but it’s just not that simple.

I know from experience that a relative path is some multiple of …/ in front of the final images folder destination. In this case for me, I placed the warehoused images folder at the same level as my site files. I thought then the path would be …/tcslideshowimages/, or /tcslideshowimages/, but it actually is tcslideshowimages/. Keep in mind that to make this work some requirements need to be met. Will does a very good job explaining that in the stack. Also, you need to change the page file name from .html to .php, and make sure the older .html file is removed from your server.

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Thanks, this clears things up :grinning:. BTW it’s another RTFM (read the fucking manual) issue because when reading precisely what Will wrote this should have been (almost) clear at the beginning. But as for me, I sometimes have to go through try-and-error sessions to get the result because of not reading or not understanding the manual correctly :sunglasses:

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I’m with you there! I think sometimes developers give us less knowledgeable users (I’m referring to myself) more credit than we deserve. I know just enough about web creation to be dangerous. I muddle my way through, and most developers, like Will, are more than happy to help, and that is much appreciated.

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Bruce, thanks to your post I’ve fallen in love with Will’s stack, the Refined Slider V2. I just went there and bought a copy from Will’s store :grin:

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For any others reading this post should be two periods and a forward slash not three periods.


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