Release: NAVI Stack

Animated Responsive Menu. Quite a unique menu with an option to go both horizontal, vertical or switch from horizontal to vertical on smaller screens.

I wanted to challenge the phrase: What is Out of Sight is Out of Mind… meaning hidden sub menus will get fewer clicks… so the NAVI Stack doesn’t hide any items but shows them in kind of a diagram layout.

Join the Navi :slight_smile:

Hi, can the navigation be set to a fixed position so it’s stays visible as you scroll the page?

No and maybe – it depends…

There’s an option to add custom css to the menu wrapper – so technically you could add a fixed position to the Stack – sub-menus would probably be have to turned off if menu is defined as vertical (because of the way the are positioned ‘relative’ to the other menu items). On small smartphone screens you’d probably have to add a counter-order: static… so the menu doesn’t cover the entire layout…

If the menu is set to horizontal it should work… but probably not vertical (with sub-menus).

The idea with the menu is not to fix it – but there’s an option to fix the right menu item and with a link: #top (with a font awesome icon: arrow, menu) you can click at the fixed right item and have to scroll up the page to the start of the menu.

So the answer is… it depends on the menu: vertical, horizontal, sub menus on or off.

@rolisize Maybe the “Pin” stack from BigWhiteDuck could help…


Navi Stack updated to 3.0.9 & 3.1.0 with over 10 new improvements & features.

RapidWeaver Stacks CopyPaste page can be downloaded from:

And another example:

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